Thursday, September 23, 2010

why the titanic sank?

Legendary ship Titanic sank because its crew is believed to not see the iceberg ahead. They were sailing too fast and failing to avoid the iceberg, and eventually hit and sunk.A new book titled Good as Gold, reveals the latest facts, the driver and crew are believed to see the iceberg. But because of panic they misinterpret the command.According to the book, the ship had plenty of time to pass the iceberg but helmsman panic. At the time the damage has been repaired, it is too late and the ship was hit by the fatal iceberg.

Even then the passengers and crew could be saved if it stayed in the ship and continue sailing rather than the cause of water entry into the torn hull.Notification, which came out nearly 100 years after the disaster, kept secret until now by the family's most senior officers who survived the tragedy.Officer named Charles Lightoller that cover the error because he feared would bankrupt the owner of the ship and make his colleagues lose their jobs.Since his death, he hid it because he fears will ruin his reputation. 

But now his grandson author of Lady (Louise) Patten has revealed it in his new novel. "When you only make it more tragic," he said. "They can easily avoid the iceberg if it were not for that blunder."Error on the cruise ship inaugural of Southampton (England) to New York in 1912 it happened because at that time the world shipping experience large turnover because of the conversion of sailing ships to steam ships.The changes mean that there are two different steering systems and different command. Some of the crew of the Titanic used to use "Tiller Order" system used by ships layat. While the Titanic using the Rudder. Gravity, the second steering system is the opposite of each other.So the command to "hard a starboard" means turning to the right system and the means left for Tiller Rudder system. 

When the main Officer William Murdoch saw an iceberg two miles away, the command interpreter misinterpreted by Robert Hitchins steering. He turned the boat to the right instead of left and, although he was too late to fix quickly, ripped by the right side of the iceberg."The driver panicked, and the real reason why the Titanic hit an iceberg, which had never previously met a bright spot, is because he turned the wheel in the wrong direction," said Lady Patten who is the wife of former Tory Education Minister, Lord (John) Patten.Meanwhile, his grandfather, Lightoller not see when the collision occurred, his book Good as Gold revealed that the dramatic final meeting of four senior officers in the main cabin officials shortly before the Titanic sank.  

Lightoller not only hear about the fatal error, but also what happened next, on the bridge.While Hitchins has made a simple mistake, what the catch was a deliberate decision. Bruce Ismay, owner of the Titanic, White Star Line, to persuade the captain to continue sailing. For ten minutes, the Titanic sailed slowly through the sea.This adds to the pressure of water entering through a torn stomach, until the sinking Titanic much earlier. "Ismay insisted would continue to run, no doubt afraid of losing their investment and damage the reputation of his company," said Lady Patten."The ship nearest is four hours away. When he was still 'stop', perhaps the Titanic would float until help arrives." The truth about what happened on this historic night deliberately buried deeply.

Lightoller, the only survivor who knows exactly what happened, and he became a war hero who was given honors twice, decided to hide what he knows this. He felt compelled to protect his boss - the White Star Line - and its employees.Lady Patten said: "The inquiry has been covering the mistakes. The only person he told the full story is his wife Sylvia, my grandmother."As a teenager, I was fascinated by the Titanic. My grandmother told me what had happened on that night and we talked about it endlessly.""He died when I was sixteen years old and, although he never told me to keep this story for myself, I did not tell anyone.Nearly forty years later, after my grandmother and Patten's mother died, when she was planning a second novel, Patten realized that he was the last person alive who knows what really happened at night when the Titanic sank. "My grandfather incredible experience it was like perfect material for Good as Gold."Titanic sank in the ocean of Atlantis on April 15, 1912. A total of 1517 passengers died in this tragedy.


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