Thursday, September 23, 2010

tips to avoid hypnotic

Here are the instructions to avoid and overcome the evil hypnosis or "gendam":

1. Do not let the mind blank when in public areas. Empty mind can lead telepathic gates open, so others can easily convey a telepathic message.
2. Beware if suddenly arise unusual drowsiness, it is possible that someone who intends to negative was doing "telepathic forcing".
3. For those who have a habit of "talkative", should not go into a public place without friends. Those who have the habit of "talkative" tend to have a subconscious gate forced open easily with the help of a shock (Shock Induction). The same also applies to those who are easily shocked.

4. Do not easily panic if suddenly there are some people who are not known to swarm you for a reason which is unclear. Once do not easily panic! Because the sense of panic will facilitate the opening of the gates of your subconscious!
5. Do not be easy to panic when suddenly someone tapped your shoulder! Try to keep your mind and senses remain active throughout the environment! Do not focus on the utterances of people who pat you! Immediately move onto a more crowded area!
6. If all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, your chest felt tight, and followed with a bit queasy stomach, and head a little dizzy, beware because there may be someone the middle put gendam energy! Immediately do the "grounding", which has intended to remove all negative energy of the earth (adequate visualization).
7. If there is anything suspicious, immediately your mind busy, to stay on the frequency of hypnotic effects can not work! Among others: a silent prayer, singing to myself, or think of things that heavy!
8. If you find that you begin to feel entering a "consciousness is different" than usual, maybe you've started to be affected by hypnosis. If you feel this, then immediately intend to himself: "In the third count, I'll be back to normal and fully conscious ....", Then immediately calculate the heart: "One ... two ... three."
9 .. Finally, continuing to cultivate within yourself, that hypnosis will not work for those who reject it! This also applies to gendam


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