Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 World's Strangest Scholarships

Apart from the ususal list of useful grants and scholarships, there are scholarships that strange and unusual that a student can get. The best part about this scholarship is that you do not really need an outstanding academic. You only need to have some distinctive features or a hobby. Some of the most peculiar types of scholarships are as follows.

1. Lefty People Scholarship
Because so many left-handed students, the scholarships offered by Juanita College in Pennsylvania, is one of the most common scholarship and demand.
2. Scholarships National Ice Cream Shop
If you work in some ice-cream shop, you may be eligible for this scholarship. If you're lucky enough, your employer will probably recommend you, and you may take one of 17 $ 1,000 scholarships.
3. Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship
Another unusual scholarship. This scholarship can bergna for people who have the talent skateboard
4. Scholarships Strange Person Last Name
These scholarships usually presented by Loyola University in Chicago awarded to students with last names of the most unusual, best so far is the name of "Zolp"
5. Asthma Scholarship
That sounds very strange that you can win even allergic large number of scholarships. American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology is primarily responsible for sponsoring this unique scholarship.
6. Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest Duck Brand Duct Tape
This is an unusual contest held every year in the spring, where students make and wear formal clothes to compete for scholarship prizes $ 2.500. The second and third prize is to get a scholarship of $ 1,000 and $ 500 respectively.
7. Online Poker Tournament Championship
If you are a champion in the game of poker, this is your golden opportunity to win a large number of scholarships as prizes.
8. Scholarship The Vegetarian
This scholarship is sponsored by the Vegetarian Resource Group is only for people with a habit of eating vegetables.
9. Supreme International Student Club Scholarship
Tall people now have the opportunity to grab some good scholarships. This scholarship is basically just a student that is high considering the 5'10 "for female students and 6'2" for male students.
10. Scholarships accuracy predict the future
This scholarship is a bit different from what is called an award, this is actually a contest for students interested in economics. Participants are required to 'buy and sell "future predictions just as one would buy the stock.


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