Sunday, September 19, 2010

Strange Plant In The World -part 1-

1. Welwitschia mirabilis: Plants with Extraordinary Endurance


Bad shape, but this plant is truly unique. Plant origin Namibia has only two leaves and a stem with roots. Two leaves will continue to grow like an alien. The crackers will be enlarged rather than rising again.


This plant will grow to reach 8 meters wide with a height of two meters. She is able to reach 400 to 1500 years and will not die despite no rain for five years. It feels very raw and stung both cooked, and thus given the name Onyanga, which means onion of the desert.

2. Dionaea muscipula: Venus The Fly Trap 


This carnivorous plant is best known for its unique natural traps an active and efficient. Two leaves attached to the plant is filled with ultra-sensitive hairs that detect the presence of everything from ants, flies or other insects. Once someone has touched the fur, the trap will work in less than a second.

 3. Rafflesia arnoldii: World's Largest Flower


These exotic plants, very rare, but it's less pretty, freckled, his name is Rafflesia Arnoldi one of 16 species of the genus Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world. 16 species are known to be found only in Indonesia (Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java) and Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak).
Rafflesia arnoldii, later incorporated into familiEuphorbiaceae, can be up to one meter in diameter with a weight reached 7-11 kg.

The flowers will bloom in just three days to a week only. When these flowers bloom will issue an overpowering stench in Indonesia until the flowers are called carrion flower. Distinctive smell of insect pollinators invited to come and it can make generations and only 10-20 percent of the seedlings that will be successful and in nine months, with a little luck, she will blossom again.

 4. Desmodium gyrans: Dancing Plants


Darwin called it Hedysarum, modern botanists call Desmodium Gyrans or rather, Codariocalyx Motorius. People call it Dancing Grass or Plants or plant Telegraphs Semaphores, because its leaves are like dance movements such as movements or semaphore code. This includes an easy crop to grow and will be "dancing" at a lot of sunlight or in a dry state.

5. Euphorbia obesa: Plants Baseball


Euphorbia Obesa, also known as Baseball plants, commonly grown in the Great Karoo, South Africa. The population is threatened as the plant is often pursued by collectors without thinking of planting again. This made some foreign and domestic organizations to react to protect. Although in its natural habitat is still threatened Euphorbia obesa, are now widely cultivate agriculture, so they also ensure that the trading of the collector is not derived from nature.


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