Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alternative pets, durable!

1. Geoducks

Geoducks, namely clams in salt water that can live at least 160 years. Their age can be seen from the "neck" that they could grow more than 1 meter in length.

2. Tuataras

Tuataras are vertebrates that can live longest in the world. They can live between 100-200 years old.

3. Worms Lamellibrachia

Berrwarna multicolored worms that live under the sea and they can live for 170 years and even many scientists believe they can live more than 250 years.

4. Red Sea Urchins

Animals can only be found in the Pacific ocean, mostly in the eastern United States and live in the depths of the sea that are not too deep from the surface to 90 meters and they stay away from big waves. They walk in a way to crawl. This creature can live more than 200 years.

5. Bowhead Whale

Bowhead Whales are mammals that live longest in the world. Bowhead The oldest have lived at least 211 years.

6. Koi Fish

Yes, this is a koi fish that we often encounter in fish ponds that the price can be expensive to exorbitant. It turns out these koi fish can live to be over 200 years as well. Koi Fish Koi oldest is Hanako who died at age 226 years old on July 7 th 1977.

7. Tortoise

Turtles are famous for longevity. One of the oldest tortoise named Harriet, A Galapagos tortoise, who died of heart failure at age 176 years at the zoo which is owned by the late Steve Irwin. Another tortoise named Adwaita, Aldabra giant tortoise, according to rumors died at the age of 250 years in March 2006.

8. Ocean Quahog clam

Quahog clams are commercially exploited. Some examples of these shells ever collected is calculated can live up to more than 400 years.

9. Antarctic Sponge

Creatures that live in the oceans, Antarctica, can live to be thousands of years. Perhaps because of extremely low temperatures in the lake of Antarctica, creatures can not move it can live up to 1550 years.

10. Jellyfish Turritopsis Nutricula

This jellyfish is probably the most magical creatures in this world. They can pass through the circle from childhood, adulthood, old, and back into childhood. So they really do not have age limits, may be alive during his time yes ... because so parents can return to childhood.


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