Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inhaling Cigarettes = Eating Asphalt

Apparently Inhaling Cigarettes Same as Eating Asphalt. Not many people know that asphalt is commonly used as coating materials or coating leakage path was also contained in cigarettes. People who smoke cigarettes the same as entering the asphalt in his body.

Asphalt is a chemical that is carcinogenic. Artificial asphalt typically consists of a mixture of tar and asphalt oil. Asphalt oil itself is often referred to as Asmin or cut back asphalt. While the tar obtained from coal processing.
Tar was not only used to make asphalt, but also as a basic ingredient in the manufacture of cigarettes. Tar and nicotine are the two most dangerous substances among the 4000 kinds of other chemicals.
"Tar material is the material used for asphalt, so we actually eat asphalt while smoking a cigarette," said Prof. Farid A Moeloek, former health minister who now serves as Chairman of the National Commission on Tobacco Control in events Increase Cigarette Excise: Between Economic Interests and Health in Hotel Sahid Jakarta, Wednesday (17/2/2010). 

From about thousands of toxins, there are usually created to make a rocket plane, were made to wash the blood and so forth. Tar alone is a substance that will clot in the lungs and form a liquid used to make asphalt.
Tar is used to coat the same way with the tar contained in cigarettes and tar particles that can cause the growth of cancer cells. Also tar likewise cause calcium buildup, nitrosmine, B-naphthylamine, cadmium and nickel.
As quoted from Quitsmoking, Wednesday (17/2/2010), tar is a hydrocarbon aromatic substance which is sticky and sticks to the lungs. Tar is the black residue that comes from burning heat, tar contains hundreds of chemicals that some of them are carcinogenic and toxic.
In solid form, tar is a brown and sticky substance that is behind the cigarette filter. Tar cause brown teeth and make all the networks dikenainya become too brown. Imagine a sticky substance that sticks to your lungs.
Tar present in all types of cigarettes, and tend to increase in number along with a burning cigarette. It means that the final sucking tar cigarettes contain twice the amount of the first puff. 

Tar inhaled from cigarettes will damage the feathers vibrating (cilia) in the lungs that increase the risk of respiratory diseases such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis and throat cancer.


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