Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Biggest Snake Along 16.7m in China

Photo above is a photo one of two giant snakes were found by Chinese workers who are working on opening a new road project outside Guping city, Jiangxi province.

They originally were digging the ground using a bulldozer.
"In the third excavation process, the operator saw no blood on the ground being dug. And in the next excavation process emerged with the snake dying condition. ", Said a source.
"At about the same time, a giant boa constrictor who both appeared with his mouth open. The bulldozer operator directly frightened at the time, and together with other workers they immediately run away. "
"When these workers returned to the location, boa wounded had died, while the other snake disappeared."
Sources had then said that the bulldozer operator was so traumatized that he had a heart attack and on the way to hospital he died.
A dead boa constrictor has a 16.7m long and weighs 300kg, and an estimated 140 years old.
However, the local Chinese government denied the news saying that the story and photo spread on the internet too artificial.


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